The great good that lies in detaching oneself inwardly and outwardly from all created things.

'Now let us talk about the detachment we ought to have, for detachment, if it is practiced with perfection, includes everything.  I say it includes everything because if we embrace the Creator and car not at all for the whole of creation, His Majesty will infuse the virtues.  Doing little by little what we can, we will have hardly anything else to fight against; it is the Lord who in our defense takes up the battle against the demons and against the world.'

'I confess that in this matter so important I am not as perfect as I desire or understand to be fitting.  And this goes for all the virtues and all that I way here, for it is much easier to write about these things than to put them into practice.  And I don't even succeed in writing about them, because sometimes knowing how to speak of them requires experience; and if I do succeed, it is perhaps by writing of the opposite of what I have practiced.'

Way of Perfection Chapter 8.1