St Teresa of Avila


St Teresa of Avila (1515-1582).  Spiritual mother of Carmel and Doctor of the Church, who dedicated her life to the reform of the Carmelite Order and founded 17 convents devoted to prayer and intercession. Her writings on prayer and mystical theology, are generally acknowledged as spiritual classics that have enriched the Church for the past 450 years.


St John of the Cross


St John of the Cross (1542-1591) friend and companion of St Teresa who helped her in her work of reform. He is a Doctor of the Church, and his writings have made him one of the surest and safest guides in mystical prayer and contemplation. He is also regarded as one of the greatest religious poets in the Spanish language.


St Therese of the Child Jesus


St Therese of Lisieux (1873-1897) is one of the best known and best loved of modern saints.  Her Little Way of Spiritual Childhood has had a profound influence on the spirituality of the twentieth century. In 1997, she was declared Doctor of the Church.



St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross


St Teresa Benedicta of the Cross (1891- 1942).  Edith Stein was a gifted Jewish convert, a foremost scholar, a brilliant writer, an educationalist and leading feminist who became a Carmelite nun and died in Auschwitz, offering her life as sign of reconciliation and a witness to the triumph of love over hatred.


Bl Elizabeth of the Trinity

St Elizabeth of the Trinity (1880-1906) Elizabeth Catez, a lay contemplative who became a Carmelite nun and is a brilliant witness to the reality of God’s love and mystery of the Trinity dwelling in the heart of every Christian.



St Raphael Kalinowski

St Raphael Kalinowski (1835- 1907). Born in Poland – a teacher, engineer, prisoner of war, royal tutor and a Carmelite priest who founded many monasteries in Poland who was renowned for his holiness and zeal in the service of the Church and the Carmelite Order.


St Teresa of the Andes

St Teresa of Los Andes (1900-1920). She entered the Carmelite convent of Los Andres in Chile in 1919. She dedicated her life to prayer and contemplation and her radiated by a great love for God who was for her ‘the joy of my life’.



Bl Marie Eugene of the Child Jesus
Blessed Marie‐Eugène of the Child Jesus
(894‐1967) was beatified on Saturday, 19 November 2016 in Avignon. Born Henri Grialou in France in 1894. He became a Discalced Carmelite friar, and went on to found the Secular Institute Notre Dame de Vie (Our Lady of Life). His major works, provide a rich synthesis of Carmelite spirituality.










St Teresa of AvilaSt Teresa of Avila The foundress of our Order, and our spiritual mother, Saint Teresa was born in Avila, Spain, March 28, 1515. She died in Alba, October 4, 1582.
St John of the CrossSt John of the Cross Co-founder of our Order, he was born Juan de Yepes y Alvarez in Fontiveros, Spain, in 1542.
St Therese of the Child JesusSt Therese of Lisieux  Doctor of the Church and the saint who brought us the Little Way.
St Teresa Benedicta of the CrossSt Teresa Benedicta of the Cross  Edith was born on October 12th, 1891, into a strict Jewish family in Breslau.
Bl Elizabeth of the TrinitySt Elizabeth of the Trinity  Elizabeth Catez was born on 18 July 1880, at Camp d'Avoc, Bourges, France. She died on 9th November 1906, Dijon, France.
St Raphael KalinowskiSt Raphael Kalinowski  St Raphael Kalinowski was born Joseph Kalinowki in Vilnius, Lithuania,  on September 1, 1835..
St Teresa of the AndesSt Teresa of Los Andes  Juana Enriqueta Josefina Fernandez Solar was born in Santiago, Chile, on 13 July 1900.,
St Mary of Jesus CrucifiedSt Mary of Jesus Crucified    Mariam (St Mary of Jesus Crucified) was born on the 5th of January, 1846, at Abellin.
St ElijahSt Elijah   St Elijah as a zealous man of God who was eager to do the work of God. 
St Albert of JerusalemSt Albert of Jerusalem  The writer of our Rule, he was born Albert Avogardo in Parma, Italy in 1149.
St Simon StockSt Simon Stock  Born in the County of Kent, England, late 12th century; died in the Carmelite monastery at Bordeaux, France, 16 May, 1265.
St Mary Magdalen de PazziSt Mary Magdalen de Pazzi  She was born Catherine de Pazzi on 2 April 1566, in Florence
St Teresa Margaret of the Sacred HeartSt Teresa Margaret Redi   St. Teresa Margaret was born Anna Maria Redi on July 15, 1747
Our Lady of Mt CarmelOur Lady of Mt Carmel  In the last years of the twelfth century a number of Latin rite pilgrims and crusaders chose to love a life of prayer and solitude on Mount Carmel, in the Holy Land. Mount Carmel was a sacred mountain because it was the location of the acts of Elijah

Bl Marie Eugene of the Child Jesus Bl Marie Eugene of the Child Jesus  Fr Marie-Eugene was born Henri Grialou on December 2, 1894, into a simple and deeply Catholic family in a mining village of the Southwest of France. From early childhood he desired to be a priest.

Bl Elia of St ClementBl Elia of St Clement  Theodora Fracasso was born on 17 January 1901 in Bari, Italy, to Giuseppe Fracasso and Pasqua Cianci. Four days later she was baptized in St. James Church by her uncle, Fr. Charles Fracasso.   MORE
Bl Josepha Naval GirbesBl Josepha Naval Girbes  Josepha was born on December 11, 1820, in Algemesi, Valencia Province, Spain, and died on 24th February, 1893. She was the first of five children in a spiritual family.   MORE
Bl Lucas of St JosephBl Lucas of St Joseph   Fr. Lucas of St. Joseph (José Tristany Pujol) was born on December 14, 1872. He was only six months old when his father died.   MORE
Bl Marie of the IncarnationBl Marie of the Incarnation  Barbara Avrillot was born in Paris in 1566, to a family of the higher bourgeois of Paris society.  She was educated with the Poor Clares of the Abbey of Longchamp and acquired there a great love for life in the cloister.   MORE
Bl Teresa Maria ManettiBl Teresa Mary Manetti  Born of a humble family at San Martino a Campi Bisenzio (Florence) on March 2, 1846, Teresa Manetti humbly dedicated her youthful years to good works. She was sustained by a luminous faith that was fostered by trials.    MORE
Bl Ann of St BartholomewBl Ann of St Bartholomew   Blessed Anne of St Bartholomew was the first Discalced lay sister - they did the manual work of the house, and did not recite Office in choir with the other religious.  She served as companion, nurse and secretary to St Teresa of Avila in her later years ... MORE
Bl Maria Sagrario of St Aloysius GonzagoBl Maria Sagrario of St Aloysius Gonzaga  Elvira Moragas y Cantarero was born in Lillo near Toledo, on the 8th January 1881,  the third of four children born to Ricardo Moragas, a pharmacist, and his wife, Isabel.  She become a pharmacist herself but God had other plans for her....  MORE
Bl Isidore Bakanja   He was a member of the Scapular Confraternity, and died because he would not take off his scapular.  Isidore was born of the Boanga tribe in Zaire, then a Belgian Colony, between 1880 and 1890...   MORE


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