Tabor India Fund (TIF) was set up and registered as a charity in 2009 by the Tabor community as an official registered charity to support the mission of the Carmelite Missionary Sisters in Bangalore in their work in Ragigudda, a slum area in Bangalore. More recently TIF are also seeking to help in another project in the village of Vijayarai in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

In Ragigudda Srs Sahaya and Beena focus mostly on education, developing self-help groups and maintaining nursery schools for the children. In Vijayarai there are over 400 families with hardly any sanitation and drainage, poor housing conditions and very few basic facilities.

In the past year, with the help of the Tabor Fund, Sr Celine has helped build a number of houses and started a small local industry that already employs a number of young women. What we send is very small – a few hundred pounds each month – but it is a ‘gift of hope’ and makes a huge difference to the ‘Dalits’: the outcasts and untouchables in Bangalore and to the impoverished and forgotten families in Vijayarai.

All donations go directly to India with no administration costs.