St. Joachina de Vedruna de Mas

May 22
St. Joachina de Vedruna de Mas

Optional Memorial

Joachina was born in Barcelona in 1783. She married Theodore de Mas in 1799 and bore him nine children before being widowed in 1816. Then in 1826 she was prompted by God's Spirit to found the Congregation of Carmelite Sisters of Charity, which spread throughout Catalonia, establishing houses for the care of the sick and the education of children, especially the poor. She was greatly drawn to contemplating the mystery of the Holy Trinity. Her spiritual life was marked by prayer, mortification, detachment, humility and love. She died at Vich in 1854.

from the Common of Holy Women


Entrance Antiphon - Prov 31:30,28
Honour the woman who fears the Lord. Her children will bless her. (Alleluia).

Opening Prayer
Lord God,
You gave St. Joachina de Vedruna to Your Church for the Christian education of youth and the care of the sick. May we follow her example, and lovingly devote our lives to serving You in our brother and sisters. Grant this through our Lord Jesus Christ, Your Son, Who lives and reigna with You and the Holy Spirit, one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

Readings may be taken from the Common of Pastors, or the Common of Saints: for religious.

A reading from the first letter of St John - 3:14-18
We, too, ought to give up our lives for our brothers.

We have passed out of death and into life,
and of this we can be sure
because we love our brothers.
If you refuse to love, you must remain dead;
to hate your brother is to be a murderer,
and murderers, as you know, not have eternal life in them.
This has taught us love--
that he gave up his life for us;
and we, too, ought to give up our lives for our brothers.
If a man who was rich enough in this world's goods
saw that one of his brothers was in need,
but closed his heart to him,
how could the love of God be living in him?
My children,
our love is not to be just words or mere talk,
but something real and active.

Responsorial Psalm - Ps. 111: 1-23, 3-4, 5-7a, 7b-8, 9 (R. cf2)

R/. The children of the upright are blessed.
Happy the man who fears the Lord,
who takes delight in all his commands.
His sons will be powerful on earth;
the children of the upright are blessed. R/.

Riches and wealth are in his house;
his justice stands firm for ever.
He is a light in the darkness for the upright;
he is generous, merciful and just. R/

The good man takes pity and lends,
he conducts his affairs with honour.
The just man will never waver:
he will be remembered for ever.

He has no fear of evil news. R/.
With a firm heart he trusts in the Lord;
with a steadfast heart he will not fear;

He will see the downfall of his foes. R/.
Open-handed he gives to the poor;
his justice stands firm for ever.

His head will be raised in glory. R/.

Gospel Acclamation - John 14,23

Alleluia, Alleluia!
Whoever loves me will keep my word,
and my Father will love him,
and we shall come to him
and make our dwelling-place within him.

A reading from the holy Gospel according to Mark 9, 34-37
Anyone who welcomes one of these little children, welcomes me.

On the road the disciples had been arguing which of them was the greatest. So he sat down, called the Twelve to him and said, 'If anyone wants to be first, he must make himself last of all and servant of all'.

He then took a little child, set him in front of them, put his arms round him, and said to them, 'Anyone who welcomes one of these little children in my name, welcomes me; and anyone who welcomes me welcomes not me but the one who sent me'.

Prayer over the Gifts
accept these gifts.
May we who share these mysteries
follow Saint Joachina de Vedruna
in loving you above all things
and others for your sake.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

Communion Antiphon - Jn 15:13
No one has greater love, says the Lord, than the one who lays down his life for his friends. (Alleluia).

Prayer after Communion
may your grace be increased in us
through the holy gifts we have received.
May we imitate Saint Joachina de Vedruna
in word and deed
bringing light and love to all those we encounter.
Grant this through Christ our Lord.

Office of Readings
Second Reading

From the Letters of St. Joachina

If only we were all on fire with love for God! If we were, we should preach love, proclaim love, and yet more love, until we had set the whole worlon fire. We must have great desires: then God will give us whatever is best for us.

We must be careful to free our hearts from everything that might get in the way of the pure love of our beloved Jesus. He is love itself, and wants to give Himself to us through love. Jesus is calling us all the time - how long are we going to remain deaf to His voice? No, let us keep our hearts ready, our wills completely for Jesus, our faculties and our senses for our Lord.

There must be no undue attachment in our hearts for created things: they must burn with love alone, love ever more fervent; for love never says 'enough,' never rests until it is completely on fire. When our hearts are completely on fire with pure love for Jesus, everything that might hinder love from taking complete possession will be cast out.

We must not give in to weariness: we must spend every minute in loving God. God alone, the maker of heaven and earth, must be our rest and our consolation. The love of God sthe only thing we can possess for ever: everything else will pass away.

Love, love, and yet more love--love that is never satisfied! The more we love God, the more we shall long to love Him. And when we have Jesus in our hearts, we shall have everything else in Him and with Him.


R/. Remain in my love. * Whoever lives in love, lives in God, and God in him (alleluia).
V/. Follow the way of love, as Christ loved us and gave Himself up for us.
* Whoever lives in love, lives in God, and God in him (alleluia).

Canticle of Zechariah
By this all will know that you are my disciples: that you
have love for one another (alleluia).

Canticle of Mary
Whatsoever you do for one of the least of my brethren, you
do for me, says the Lord (alleluia).