CAPIO - Carmelite Prisoners Interest Organization


CAPIO aims at restoring the human rights and dignity of prisoners and through improved services enance their spiritual growth and mutual respect for justice and peace.

Carmelite Prisoners Interest Organization is a faith based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) founded by the Discalced Carmelite Order about two decades ago with a view to redressing the deplorable conditions of the prisons and prisoners in Nigeria.

CAPIO was the inspiration of Fr Michael Fitzgerald, OCD a Discalced Carmelite missionary. On visiting the prisons he was concerned at the conditions in which he found prisoners: chronic overcrowding, lack of basic washing and toilet facilities, poor food and abuse of prisoners human rights.  He gathered a group of young lawyers, doctors and social workers to explore how the situation could be improved. CAPIO was the result of their conversations. Fr Michael dies suddenly in 2009.

May he rest in peace.



The Activities of CAPIO
The activities of CAPIO are geared towards reducing to the barest minimum incidents of human rights abuses perpetrated against prisoners and citizens in general.

Facilitating the provision of basic amenities
Facilitating the provision of basic amenities for prison inmates through seeking donations from public spirited individuals and organizations.

Facilitating, Networking and Sharing
Facilitating, networking and sharing information/experience with other organizations working in the area of human rights, health and conflict resolution processes.

Rehabilitating prisoners and equipping them
Rehabilitating prisoners and equipping them with relevant trades and skills in preparation for their reintegration into society after their release.

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