Allegiance to Christ

Our Carmelite vocation, commits us to a life of 'allegiance to Jesus Christ', our Friend and Companion along the way. In the words of St Teresa: ‘He is the ‘beginning, the middle and the end of all our striving’.

The gospel call is never simply an invitation to follow a way of life or an insight; it is an invitation to follow someone who has taken possession of our lives, a passionate and all-absorbing love for Jesus.

Religious life is not in the first place bound to a well-described, scheduled way of life, but to a person: Jesus Christ. ‘Can’t you see,’ Elizabeth of the Trinity wrote, ‘if a heart is given to Christ, it wants to love him with passion and be transformed into him’. St Paul calls it ‘the great mystery’: the mystery of the immense love of God revealed in the face of Jesus Christ: a love that gives meaning and a sense of purpose to every aspect of our life.