The Celebration of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and solemn profession of Our Brothers.
It is no longer news that every vocation is a gift from God to an individual and through him to the Church and society. The Solemnity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, the principal feast of the Carmelites, was graced this year with the solemn profession of our two brothers: Friar Chidiebere Johnbosco Ezeakacha of the Holy Family and Friar Ejike Emmanuel-Mary of the Cross.

The Holy Mass which was presided over by Fr Jim Noonan, the Provincial Superior of the Anglo-Irish Province of the Order started at about 3pm. It was a solemn moment, bringing the feelings of joy and gratitude to God who makes everything perfect.

The ceremony was well attended by the friars from Ireland, Northern Ireland, Cameroun and from the three communities in England. The parishioners, families as well as friends of the friars who made their solemn profession were also in attendance. After the mass which took a little over an hour was followed by refreshments. There were lots of food to eat, as there were varieties of Nigerian foods to choose from and of course, a lot to drink too. Many also expressed their joy on the dancing floor to the different genres of music from the seasoned DJ.

In summary, it was a day worth remembering it based on the twin celebration: the Solemnity of Our Lady of Mount Carmel and the Solemn profession of the two friars. We pray for our brothers, Chidiebere and Ejike, for the grace of faithfulness and perseverance.