The month of May 2023 was the month we celebrated our Provincial Chapter. It was a huge success. As we are grateful to God for the outpouring of his before, during and after the event, we will not fail to thank you all, who accompanied us in your prayers.  As we continue our prayerful discernment of the life and ministry of the province, new roles and responsibilities have been assigned as a practical way of fostering growth, deepening our vocation and renewing the vitality of our Carmelite Charism. Thus, I am pleased to share the new roles and responsibilities with you.


Young Adult ministry promotion (Ireland):  Fr Stephen Quinn

Young Adult ministry promotion (England):  Frs Jerome Ituah and Liam Finnerty

Director of Vocations (Ireland): Fr Yamai Bature

Director of Vocations (England): Fr Liam Finnerty

Promoter of Vocations (Ireland): Fr Stephen Quinn

Promoter of Vocations (England): Fr Jerome Ituah

Director of Postulants (in Derry): Fr Cajetan Apeh

Director of Students (in Oxford): Fr Nicholas Benjamin


CACS Board: Fr John Grennan, Ann Donald, Prof. Peter Tyler, Alacoque O’Reilly, Fr Iain Matthew and John Quigley.

Director of CACS:​Fr Alex Ezechukwu

Assistant Director of CACS:​Fr Kelvin Ekhoegbe

Editor of Mount Carmel: Fr Yamai Bature

Editor of Ordo: Fr Yamai Bature

Editor of Home Regions Newsletter: Fr Frank Gallagher, OCD


OCDS Provincial Delegate – Ireland: Fr Vincent O’Hara

OCDS Provincial Delegate – Scotland: Fr Jim Noonan

OCDS Provincial Delegate – UK: Fr Matt Blake, with the following team for the Regions:

Fr Theophilus Nyamali (London area)

Fr Tijo Xavier (Central Region)

Fr John McGowan (Southwest and North West Regions)

Fr Joseph Odiahi (West Midlands)

Fr Matt Blake (East Anglia and North East Regions)


Provincial Delegate for England: Fr Thaddeus Ekuma

English Regional Councillors: Fr. Lian Finnerty and Fr. Kelvin Ekhoegbe

Provincial Bursar: Br Noel O’Connor

Regional Bursar for England: Fr Kelvin Ekhoegbe

Finance Team for England: Regional Bursar (Chair) with the three Priors

Mission Procurator: Fr Felix Okolo

Vice-Postulator of Causes: Fr John McGowan

Provincial website manager: Fr Kelvin Ekhoegbe

Digital archives: Fr Thaddeus Ekuma

Ongoing Formation Team: Fr Theophilus Nyamali, Br Noel O’Connor, Frs. Ernesto

Montuerto, John McGowan and Joseph Odiahi.

We still solicit that you keep our province in your prayers as we embark on this pilgrimage of renewal and journey towards sustaining our Carmelite Vocation in a society that is not just challenging, but becoming continuously hostile to Christian and religious values. We have high hopes and trust that Our Lady of Mount Carmel will always protect this family of hers that she loves and cherishes so much.