The friars, with Lucy Franks as facilitator, gathered on the hill of Derry for the 2023 chapter assembly in a prayerful space filled with silence, reflection and deeper disposition to the Holy Spirit. The Chapter began officially with the Eucharistic celebration presided by the Bishop of Derry, Rt. Rev. Donal McKeown.

The opening declaration of the chapter by Fr. John Grennan signalled the beginning of a new triennium for the province. Having elected a new provincial before the chapter, the outgoing provincial presided over the installation and profession of faith of the newly elected provincial, Fr James Noonan.

The days of the chapter were filled with ever deeper reflection on the life and ministry of the province and shaping proposals into the future. The chapter resolutions underscores the voice of the chapter as one characterised by the transformative experience of hope.

The chapter also elected four provincial councillors who would assist the provincial in his responsibilities towards the province, and these friars are:

Fr. Thaddeus Ekuma (1st Councilor)

Fr. Michael McGodrick (2nd Councilor)

Fr Vincent O’Hara (3rd Councilor)

Fr. Alexander Ezechukwu (4th Councilor)

The Chapter friars remembered our friars who have gone before us into life during the last triennium as well as Fr Willie Moran who dies during the chapter. Great and beautiful memories were shared in an atmosphere of laughter and tears, all offered as an oblation to God for the life of these friars.

The friars are grateful to you all who have supported us by your prayerful wishes and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on the friars so as to be true to our vocation of service in the heart of the church and the sanctification of the world.